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Early Bird Application is due June 20, 2020

Why apply early when you can wait till the last second?  The application fee is at a discounted rate now AND if you are accepted to Artists Off Grid your grounds fee is reduced to only $100.

Step 1:

Click on the "Buy Now" link to pay the $25 Early Bird (reduced rate) 

application fee.  

Step 2: 

Come back to this page and click on the application link and submit!

Step 1:

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Step 2:

Please be sure to follow all submission instructions - due to the volume of applications, only those correctly submitted will be considered. *Disclaimer* applying to Artists Off Grid does not guarantee participation -however it does guarantee your artwork will be seen by Artists Off Grid curator, Caitlin Hurd.

      Modern life is complicated: between smart devices, social media, and the ongoing onslaught of city life, sometimes it seems there is no end to the information feed.  If you are an artists who wants to press pause on the onslaught and escape to a simpler way of life. Getting back to basics for two weeks in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado, come participate in a residency off the grid and in the wild, experiencing nature create outside. Each day will require attention to meet our basic needs for shelter and food. As we work together to meet these needs, this will build community which will be reinforced by daily discussions of art theory and technique. We will also conduct reviews of the day’s progress as each artist explores the landscape in their own visual language.


     This experiment, which will culminate in an exhibition, will be documented through photographs, excerpts from the artists’ sketchbooks, and through the artists’ paintings and creations. The artists will produce additional work following the residency informed by their experience which will also be included in the exhibition. The mission of these two weeks is to disentangle from our technology, to slow down and simplify, and to focus on artmaking.


     Will we be affected by this experience and will it carry into our future? By creating this residency I am challenging each artist to ask the question: is less more? Can “more” be rejected? What happens in the creative process when we reject the abundance of information and embrace the bounty of nature’s ongoing display? Flipping the tables on Technology vs. Nature this is a query seeking to explore through the creative experience.  

To apply fill in all fields below, including an artitst statement, 500 or less word essay on why you would like to join this residency, and a link to your website showing recent work and CV and artist statement.

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